ZOOMING Live classes from UK Tara's Yoga Hut in the UK GMT

Email Tara at yogatime@live.co.uk  Message 07505 14795 to enrol for your first class. After that you can zoom in and out of any classes.  The rest of my website has not changed for this zooming period. 

Pay just £10 for 7 days  per household and join  as many classes as you want and  zoom in &  out as you please.  If you come in at the last 15 minutes of any class you will catch a breathwork and relaxation. 

 BAC details Yogatime   sort code 09 01 27    account number   48897709 

Payments  from abroad  IBAN: GB88ABBY09012748897709

Open invite to your family and friends–  first time is free. If someone cannot afford it then get them to email me and introduce themselves. Invite to my family and friends please just join in (no cost) be lovely to have you in class with me. Remember all classes are GMT time. 

It is important particularly at these times that we keeps fit, emotional calm and have regular mental break to keep our immune system working at its best. Stress and anxiety drip-feeds our blood with cortisol and adrenaline. Gentle exercise and feeling calm floods our bloodstream with numerous neurotransmitters such with dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins.



Yoga Monday’s

2pm       Yoga Bunnies

3pm       YogaFit

4.30pm Yoga Bears

7pm       Pregnancy


Yoga Tuesday’s

9am       Yogi Wake-up

11am     Yoga Babes

3pm      Breath Work


Yoga Wednesday’s

2pm       Yogi Bunnies (next week)

3pm       YogaFit

4.30pm Yogi Bears ( next week)

6.30pm   Restore & Relax Yoga

7.50pm   Restore & Relax Yoga


Yoga Thursday’s

9am       Yogi Wake-up

3pm       Breath Work


Yoga Friday’s

2pm       Yogi Bunnies

3pm       YogaFit

4.30pm Yogi Bears

Saturday 5pm Blast from the past ‘Friends and Family’ welcome

Sunday 5pm Family far and wide come join a yoga session with me



TUES & THURS.   3pm       45 minute breathing practice – starting with some standing (or sitting ) moves to free the rib cage. Most of the breathing exercises will be sitting down in the chair or on the floor. We will repeat a lot of breathing exercises, to ensure our lungs are working at their fullest capacity. This class is suitable for pre and postnatal woman and anyone that is recovering from any lung infection (just build up slowly).  

MORNING YOGI WAKE UP slow mindful yoga Tues. & Thurs. 9- 10am

Wake up and refresh yourself with a whole body morning yogi workout with Tara – 30 minutes of slow mindful yoga moves to limber up all your joints whilst focusing on your breath and posture. Lots of lunges, balances and floor sequences that gently stimulate and relax muscles to tone and strengthen. The last 20 minutes of the class focuses on breathing and relaxation.

Start your day as you mean to go on- with a calm steady mind and heart beat, quite an art in our present circumstances. Feel free to just ‘zoom’ for any part of the class, just make sure you ‘mute’ yourself, so there are not interruptions. Thank you , stay healthy & fit and as least anxiety and stress at possible.  

If you are part of the original Holyport yoga tribe, stay online on Tuesdays after class and we catch up & drink tea !

https://us04web.zoom.us/j/7505147957   £10 for the whole week for the whole family for the week.

AFTERNOON YOGAFIT Stretch, Strengthen & Breathe - Mon, Wed & Fri. 3-4pm all ages & abilities

Every Monday, Wednesday  & Friday at 3pm ‘live’ from my Yoga Hut- this fun energetic class set to some great music from the past will encourage you to move every joint and muscle in as many directions as possible. The 2nd half of the class are floor sequences and we finish it off with breath work and relaxation. The idea is to move the lymph around the body, free up tensions, align posture, maintain strength and work your balances. Have some free weights (or books or bottles of water nearby) and some drinking water.

Message to my Parkinson’s gang – please log on 10 minutes before and stay on at the end of class, so we can have a catch up and say hi to stay connected. We have decided that during this time to open it up to the grandkids, family and friends of all ages. The beauty of these ‘live’ classes is that you can ‘zoom’ in and out of any one of them, you don’t even have to do the whole class, just ‘mute’ yourself on entering the class. All moves can be adapted to chair too, the importance is to keep moving no matter what!

You only need a soft surface like a rug or carpet and a few cushions. If you have some free weights or books or bottles of water have them too , as well as some water. A stretchy band maybe helpful in the weeks to come.

Link to Live class – make sure you have downloaded Zoom.us and done a little test and then log on using this code ‘7505147957’ up to 10 minutes before class. £10 per week for all the household for a week of classes. 

EVENING RESTORE & RELAX 2 classes WEDNESDAY 6.30 pm & 7.50pm

Restore your posture through slowly releasing back, neck and shoulder tension and learn to move with more ease and freedom through a wide variety of moves. Yoga is capable of stimulating and relaxing every joint and muscle in your body.  It has never been more important to keep fit & healthy and at the same time staying calm, otherwise our physical, mental and emotional health may suffer and this will comprise our immunity and how we deal with illnesses. If you are ‘zooming ‘ into to the later class, feel free to login early if you are ready and join the last 20 minutes to fully relax your ‘whole’ self.

If you have not experienced my classes before, try the first ‘zoomed’ class for free, if you feel it would benefit you to weave more yoga throughout your week then it is £10 a week for your whole family. You can zoom in and out of my classes as long as you ‘mute’ yourself on entry. You only need to book online once a week. Take great care of yourself.


Yogatime@live.co.uk   or 07505 147957    Click here 10 minutes before the class begins  

BUMPS to BABES PREGNANCY Yoga Mon. 7-8.30pm

This pregnancy class involves 45 minutes of prenatal yoga and breathing work with Tara  &  a  30  minutes Q & A with either doula birthing expert Louise Prince or community midwife Joanna Williamson.  Please go to the Pregnancy page of my website for more details.   https://yogatime66.co.uk/bump-to-babes-pregnancy-yoga/     you also get to be part of a whatApp group so we can talk to each other through the weeks and have access to the birthing experts. Sign up for prenatal &  postnatal master classes with Louise and Joanna ; labour walk through, home birthing, hypnobirthing etc.

I would recommend that you join in some of the relaxation parts of my other yoga classes- the last 15-20 minutes  which could be helpful especially during this isolating and stress times- instead of lying on your back, lie on your left hand side with pillows between your knees and under your head for comfort. The fee is £10 for the week, whether you do just the Pregnancy class ( the usual fee) and anyone is your house can follow my classes for no extra cost. If it is your first time you need to register online  by going to the webpage above / emailing/message me. e: Yogatime@live.co.uk   m: 07505 147957  

Link to all my classes including the prenatal class    https://us04web.zoom.us/j/7505147957

POSTNATAL YOGA Mother & Baby class Tues. 11-12am

Yoga and playtime for baby and  you,  through a series of exercises  that are particularly valuable post partum.  IF have not had a C-section or other complications you can start your postnatal moves  straight away. From  week one include plenty of horizontal time – lying on your tummy ( baby too but with you by its side) or on your back with a few pillows under your bottom. I have plenty of videos to get your started. 

In the class you can continue to work on your pelvic floor balance, posture and slowly reduce back , neck and shoulders tension alongside  your baby. We will weave in groovy developmental moves for babies too that you can enjoy throughout the day,  If someone is around at the end of this class or baby has fallen asleep,  you can enjoy a  relaxation at the end. If it is your first time, please book online using my website page or email me on yogatime@live.co.uk  For more details of this class.  https://yogatime66.co.uk/yoga-babes    

£10 for this class and you can join in with any of my other classes, the last 20 minutes of most of my classes will be suitable for you. The first and last 20 minutes of my  evening classes will also be suitable and over the weeks and months you can graduate to a full class. Yoga workouts  little and often can be really restorative to a full birth recovery.  

£10 for a week of classes  ( and partners and kids can join in any class) during this time. The magic link to all  my classes  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/7505147957 


30 minute classes

Mon & Fri Yoga Buns 2pm ‘young ones’  all them to follow my stories and explore who their bodies move. ( next week I intend to add Wednesdays as well). 

Monday, Wed & Friday Yoga Huns 4.30pm ‘growing up ones’ – enjoying moving their bodies all directions.

For more details of my classes see , as soon as we are allowed to be in groups again I can set up some outdoor classes    https://yogatime66.co.uk/family-acroyoga-classes/

If you want some super yoga kids classes check out Jamie ( from Henley)  to Cosmic Kids on You Tube, fantastic  props and she is a  real pro, she has turned every disney story into a fun yoga class.


 Relax &  Restore with Tara Sutthoff

Zooming all my classes to your home. 

During this time, all my classes (& more) will be broadcasted ‘live’ via the apt ZOOM.US

Each week I will publish an update of all my classes via my booking site & I will endeavour to keep this page updated too. I won’t redo my whole website but you will get the idea of some of the classes, best thing is to experience a class. If you are new to a class then you can try for free ( exception is the Pregnancy class). 

Book online

You don’t need to book on each time just the first time if possible, if not message me. 

yogatime@live.co.uk   07505 147957 

Tara’s experience as a yoga instructor enables her to teach through a whole spectrum of ages & abilities. Whether you are a beginner or returning to yoga to improve your posture, mobility and strength, this style of yoga is highly adaptable. If you have restrictions there are  variations to the yoga moves, giving you  plenty of choices to suit your body.

Tara also enjoys guiding pregnant mothers, from prenatal through to postnatal (with babies) and then when the kiddies get older encouraging them onto the Family Yoga sessions.

Tara says ” My yoga is relaxing and restorative and I firmly believe that by focusing primarily on breathing and posture, people can feel less stressed and more energised. The  population as a whole is under informed of the importance of both. Without the correct feet to head connection, it is much harder to breathe fully and  the body can suffer in little and big ways.  Once we have greater awareness of our posture and breath the body can move more freely and then we can feel stronger, physically as well as mentally and emotionally  “

 Book online for your first class and experience if this style of yoga suits you.

Tara Sutthoff qualified yoga teacher in Maidenhead