Hi, I’m Tara Crist

I have been teaching for over 15 years and yoga-ing since I was 18, my back ground has always been in health, sport and wellness; I feel yoga embraces all of my work over the years. My first half of my training was in Brussels and then Aruba and I finished my training in London where I became particularly interested in the therapeutic aspect of yoga. I continue to take monthly master classes ( Harmony for Yoga studio in Windsor has many guest teachers) so I am forever the ‘student’! All my classes can be booked online now which makes it easier for all. Please go the page on the website to find the link to the class you would like more information on.

Many people ask me about my style of yoga it is a blend of all the training I have done over the years; Hatha, Dru and more recently I am very much inspired by the work of the late Vanda Scarvelli and every month I attend the workshops of Gary Carter who embodies her teachings and takes me deeper into my own yoga practice.

I completed my  Acro Family Yoga teacher training  in Brussels last summer so am excited to develop my children’s classes. So if you have a child you would like to grow your yoga with then do check out my classes. The training was fantastic with a great network of yoga teachers from all over Europe for inspiration and support.

I especially love water based sports and last  summer  I introduced friends and family to Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) and now I have a small fleet and I ready to teach Yoga on the Paddleboards.  It is a super way to challenge balance and abdominal strength. I realise that my yoga balances have not been put to the test, until now! So look out for us at various locations on the Thames; teaching one to one sessions or small groups ( lit up as we venture out on some night paddles), it is all great fun.

I am excited to be teaching 3 extra classes at the new yoga and meditation studio just off Maidenhead High Street, ‘ Healthy Yogi” do check out their timetable.

I find in all the sports I practice the fundamental of yoga apply; concentration, being present, balance, stamina, breathing, strength, freedom of movement.  The restorative nature of yoga is such that it rejuvenates my body and gives me the energy to go ‘do’ or ‘be’ more with my life. It is also my precious ‘space and time’ to relax and listen to myself.

There is so much written about Yoga and its benefits and everyone who makes time for some yoga practice be it on their own or in a class will receive a wide range of health attributes and the ‘feel good factor’. Combine the breath and some yoga moves and you have a powerful duo. Ten to twenty  minutes set a side each day for  home yoga practice  has the potential to energise and avoid ‘burn out’.

For many, it is easier to practice away from home and all the distractions (&  electronics,) in a group setting . Focusing the mind on one move and one breath at a time can untangle many knotty muscles (and tangled brains) and my style of yoga can also sorts out acute back issues and posture too.

It’s why I love to share this ancient art of movement, it is a moving meditation which strengthens the mind, body and heart (literally). It’s yoga’s versatility that attracts so many different types of people and of all ages. I am totally inspired by my more mature students who never give up wanting to try something different.These are the people who have kept active and inquisitive their whole life and that does not stop in their nineties!

I think there is nothing more  effective than taking some extra deep breathes and stretches as a way to de-stress and re-balance your life. I ‘weave’ yoga into my day, it is my way of slowing down and nurturing my body and mind, and I love to share this others.

I look forward to meeting you and seeing you on the ‘mat’ or river.

With love, Tara 

Text me or email if you want to discuss yoga with me.   Tel: 07505 147957    Email  yogatime@live.co.uk

Many of the Family AcroYoga photos were taken in Brussels on the course I attended
​and the photos are used with kind permission of © Fridolin Schuster.