Evening Yoga Time with Tara 

Relax, Restore & Transform your Posture

every Wednesday  6.30- 8.40pm   &   7.50-9pm

Yoga Hub, Maidenhead town 

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My Yoga Style       2 classes in one evening mid week. You can choose which time suits you best on the day, even if you book in you can change your mind. The classes are always mixed ability; beginners and those who have been taking this class for many years. With this style of yoga it does not matter how long you have been practising as the journey in the class is your own. We are not trying to reach advanced yoga poses- that is not my style or goal. It is very much about unwinding in class, space to breathe and not think and then eventually when we stand up ( after a lot of floor moves) it is easier to realign posture and explore different balances. So it is a very chilled class so you reset your posture, breathe more effectively and have a super nights sleep.

Much of my yoga focuses on relieving back, shoulder and neck  tension through realigning posture; be it in standing, sitting or lying down positions. Students are gently encouraged to move arms, legs, pelvis and spine in all possible directions; wiggling, stretching, toning and stimulating the entire body, no area escapes being touched or patiently transformed. Yoga over time improves strength and flexibility, enhances abdominal and pelvic stability, and greatly reduces the back aches and joint pains.

Students often share they feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated after class. My classes will enable you to learn and master the basic yoga positions and breathing techniques that improve posture, balance & coordination.

No previous yoga experience required, just an inquisitive mind and a willing body. I will give you plenty of ideas for practice at home and in the office, and the beauty of coming to class is you get to completely wind down after a full day and indulge yourself with yourself with no distractions; no phones, no chores, no doingness;  just you, yourself and your breath.

My style of yoga teaching is  greatly influenced by the work of  Vanda Scarvelli,although my orginal teaching trainings were in Hatha and Dru yoga. I continue learning of her Vanda’s work through the monthly teachings with  Gary Carter of Natural Bodies. 

My videos above are now 10 years old and were filmed on the last days of my long stay ( 4 years ) on the island of Aruba. My style has changed but the essence of my teachings has not. Please do feel free to come along and experience one of my classes. 

Undoing tension is an intense process; letting go of old patterns of holding and effort requires a tremendously strong release. “Relaxation” in Vanda’s vocabulary does not mean collapsing; undoing is not passive but alert and attentive. There is a great sense of resolve in the body’s invitation to gravity, and there is always more to let go. As tension is released and joints become free, new, deep muscles awaken; the feet, especially the heels, come alive and make strong contact with the earth in an almost prehensile way. Increasingly, movement takes place on the spine rather than in the large superficial muscles that are accustomed to working (such as the quadriceps). And even as so many things are changing on a fine motor level in the body, attention must always focus on the wholeness of the movement.  Ned Wishner

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