Family Acro Yoga

Monthly family yoga classes held on Saturdays afternoon                              2.5- 7 years old & adults near Cliveden

 Saturdays 26 January, 23 Feb & 18 March 2019  

Location : Positivity Centre, Nashdom Lane, Burnham SL1 8NJ.      

Timings– Arrive at 3pm for a 3.15 start. 60 minute class 

Booking is essential as 6 families per class:  

Cost – £5 each per child or adult over 2.5 yr 

Themes to classes, parties and schools 
Sea Life Safari, Jungle Journey,  Curious Cats,  Hairy Bears, Mini Beasts, Serengeti Safari, Feathered Flights

Ideally so you do not feel over stretched and can give your child the best attention, the best ratio is one child to one but that is often not possible. Louise & I are happy to put another monthly class for the older child , so please express your interest. 

Saturdays Mornings  with Louise Kelly  all ages 

Positivity Spa& Cafe  is situated at the far end of  Nashdom Lane, 3 minutes from Cliveden house and the Feathers pub. There is an abundance of free parking and if you arrive early you can walk around.  

Email  Text   07505 147957

Book for this class


Book for this class

My  name is Tara and over the past 17 years of teaching yoga, I have had the privilege  of  meeting hundreds of  new mothers and their babies and toddlers through my classes. But eventually the parents go back to work and kiddies are off to nursery and schools and I miss my babies that I have seen every week for months!  So it seems only natural to want to invite these youngsters and their parents back to discover more of what yoga can offer as a family ( after they are 2 is best!).  I regard myself as a playful person who loves to roll around and play with children, for me this part of parenthood has been very natural. My teenage girls still enjoy feet , head and back rubs and a good wrestle and playful yoga.  It has been be such a valuable mood changer and a easy loving way to give (and time and space permitting ) and extend this to the rest of my family and friends.  I may not of given them the gift of art or music but play and massage I have excelled in!

The  Family Acro Yoga training really appealed to me for this reason and it gave me more experiences and included a lot more Acroyoga. It also gives me that quality time with ‘little people’ that I miss now my girls don’t need me in the same way. My youngest daughter now has me balance on her, how the clocks change!

In these family yoga classes you can practice how to bring more  play, calm, love and have fun into your family home.  Children often don’t need the latest toy, or a distraction of a gadget, what they crave is  touch.  The classes provides a time and space for kids and  adults  to play and have fun together  with plenty of physical contact.

So whether play  and massage comes natural to you or not,  in this hour you have put everything else aside and have said to the children let’s go and have fun,  and explore, move and mimick some of the creatures in the the animal kingdom