Family Yoga Tara Crist

Family AcroYoga  

Twice monthly family yoga classes 

 Fridays 4.30- 5.30pm  20 March, 17 April,  8 May

2.5- 6 years old -ideal for the little ones, smaller class

Sundays 3-4pm  15 March, 26 April , 17 May  

      2.5 – 9 years old  – more AcroYoga 

Fridays -Yoga Hub, York Road Maidenhead Sl6 1SH

Sundays – SportsAble, Braywick Park, Maidenhead SL6 1BX 

Timings– Arrive at 2.35 pm for a 2.45pm start. 60 minute class 

Cost – Buy one ticket per person little or big £5 each 

Themes to classes, parties and schools 
Sea Life Safari, Jungle Journey,  Curious Cats,  Hairy Bears, Mini Beasts, Serengeti Safari, Feathered Friends

Book online 

Contact Tara if you have any questions on want to arrange your own class

 Email :  Text  07505 147957 

Learn fun ways to play with kiddies using your our body rather than toys and gadgets. Yoga play, animals moves & relaxation.What can a family expect from your activity?You can expect to express yourselves yoga and animal style , play games with our breath and body . Try a variety of acrobatic moves using your body as an adventure playground for your kiddies to climb and balance on! Behave and move like the animal do. In between all the excitement and play, we use the breath to calm, and then give each other an animal massage at the end. It is an energetic hour designed to stimulate, nurture and have a fun time with your kids.

Leave toys and food in the car. Bring a drink and if you have a gym or yoga mat, please bring those for extra comfort. Phones need to be turned off and kept away from the kids. Thank you

Ideally so you do not feel over stretched and can give your child the best attention, the best ratio is one child to one but that is often not possible. I will do my best to help you out, bringing an extra adult can really help you not to feel so frazzled. it is an active class but many people bring 2 kids. 

As long as you don’t park in the disabled bays you can park infront of the SportsAble building or if that is full, park in front of the rugby fields, just 50 minutes from SportsAble, no charge. 

SportsAble is situated in the grounds of Braywick Park. Do not park near the Toby Cavery as it is down the other end behind the athletic track. SL6 1BQ A308 on the Braywick Road. 

My name is Tara and over the past 17 years of teaching yoga, I have had the privilege  of yoga-ing with  hundreds of  new mothers and their babies  through my post-natal YogaBabes classes. Eventually the parents go back to work and kiddies are off to nursery .  So it seems only natural to continue a yoga journey as a family.

 I regard myself as a playful person who loves to roll around and play with children, for me this part of parenthood has been very natural. My teenage girls still enjoy feet , head and back rubs and a good wrestle.  It has been be such a valuable mood changer and an easy loving way to give ( time and space permitting ) and extend this to the rest of my family and friends.  I may not of given them the gift of art or music but play and massage I have excelled in!

 Family Acro Yoga appeals to families that want to discover other ways to play. Yoga Play   is the first thing I do in the presence of young children, it is a great icebreaker and it so much more interesting than sitting. My youngest daughter now has me balance on her, how the clocks change!

In these family yoga classes you get to experience and practice bringing more  play, calm, and physical affection  into your family home.  Children often don’t need the latest toy, or a distraction of a gadget, what they crave is  touch and one to one time. 

So whether play  and massage comes natural to you or not,  in this hour you have put everything else aside and say  to your kids  ‘ let’s go and have an animal yoga adventure’!