Yoga  for People with Parkinson’s

Every Monday* & Fridays 2.45pm at SportsAble, Maidenhead SL6 1BN     £5

*exceptions no yoga on when there is a  Parkinson’s Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead Branch meeting which is the 2nd Monday of every month  2-4pm, which you are welcome.

6 & 12 March & 12 June no yoga – Bowling instead

Sports Fridays run every Friday 2-2.50pm at SportsAble 

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For details of our Paddle  for Parkinson’s (summer event) click here

CLICK HERE  and you will  be transported to photos that can serve as reminders of movement to practice through out the week.

Yoga exercises for people with Parkinson’s

 Save the Dates

Friday 6th & 20th March  12 June 12.30-2pm 

There will be no yoga on these dates instead we have a Sporty Friday at the new 5 million pound Desborough Bowling Club.

Please message if you are interested in joining us.

Sporty Fridays 

Six S’s  of fitness include …. 
Stamina- Strength- Skills- Suppleness – Social &  Self Esteem 
Join us for our Parkinson’s special “Sporty Fridays”

A relaxed but active sporty social hour of fun to reawaken old skills, discover new ones and work on your strength, stamina and suppleness, no charge thanks to Slough & District Parkinson’s branch to raise your self-esteem and joy! Time to just hang out with your Parkinson’s buddy over a game of table tennis. 
Every Friday 2-2.45 pm before the yoga.

Table Tennis   ⌘  Badminton  

Bring a friend or partner to join in the fun

Join our Sporty Friday WhatsAp group 07505 147957 to keep up to date or email Tara on


Tara’s yoga sessions are very enjoyable, lots of fun, and very beneficial for people with Parkinsons. The exercise class is especially designed to to make every session safe and beneficial for us. I have been attending the class once a week with my wife for years!     Dave

These enjoyable classes have become an integral part of my Parkinson’s treatment, second only to my prescribed  NHS medication.  John

Tara’s yoga-time twice-weekly yoga sessions are physio sessions for people like me  with Parkinson’s disease. These yoga sessions are specially designed for us and with  the help of some  great music our hearts and lungs get a great workout too. Whilst  I chose to stand up , (when my Parkinson’s balance issues allow me to do so), others may sit in a chair, most of us do the lying-down (floormat) moves which I find is very safe and relaxing.  I also love the fact that I have taken up cycling and going to the gym and I am really enjoy  Sporty Fridays, table tennis is a really hit!   Brian

The social dynamics of the class are friendly, informal and relaxed, whilst being professional, safe, and effective. Thank you Tara.     Eddie

Carers and partners are welcomed to participate, whilst keeping an eye on our ‘patient/ partner’. As a wife of someone with Parkinson’s it give me an opportunity to keep myself strong and supple too. Facilities at the venue are ideal and car parking is well served plenty of nearby ‘disabled parking’. Janice F

Many patients with Parkinson’s have posture and balance problems brought on by the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. It is a constant challenge to counter these issues. Don’t let the challenge put you off. Enjoy the Yoga, and the posture and balance improvements may follow.  ‘Ginny the Carer ‘

Don’t be put off by the early aches and pains, we are all creaky to start with but it gets easier and you will be amazed at what you can do, rather than what you can’t!   Tom 

The Parkinson’s group appreciate all the chosen yoga instructors that Tara has chosen to keep these  class running every week of the year ( except National holidays).  They are all very special and we enjoy the personalised-differences and the group teaching of each of our different teaches.   Eirwen

   Yoga classes at SportsAble

Yoga classes run each Monday & Friday at 2.45pm throughout the year, except for the 2nd Monday* of each month the Local Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead,  Branch meetings  2-4pm at SportsAble, so there is no yoga. Please come to meetings instead if you wish. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the different monthly events. 

These classes continue rain or shine throughout the year except Bank Holidays. Please wear trainers or really comfortable shoes and if the weather is perfect we often do part of the class outside, so bring sunglasses and hats if needed. 

It is always best to arrive 10 minutes early ( parking is super easy out front) and the class will start off with some  ball skills which is a a good way to get to know  your class buddies; some people come once a week whilst at least half the class attend 2 sessions a week. 

There are always standing balancing skills and posture work to fairly lively music; think of the ‘Ministry of Funny Walks’ from Monty Python, marching  around room on  tip toes, back wards and sidewards.  This is great fun and necessary for good posture and expression of movement. We also practice yoga/pilates moves  kneeling, lying on side,  back and  front. Free weights are also used, so this is not your classical yoga experience!  These classes are  specially designed to strengthen some muscles and relax others and all set to improve range of motion of the joints. 

The hour finishes off with a mini relaxation and breathing awareness and rounding it all off with chanting vowel sounds for voice & facial expressions.  

Tara has been working very closely with people with Parkinsons (and PD doctors too) in classes, nursing homes and in house for over 10 years and has a good knowledge and experience of PD, having worked with people over extended  periods of time with long term benefits. She has witnessed at close hand how syptoms of those paticipating with regular exercise, keep stronger than the Parkinsons and enjoy a full and healthy life ( with all the PD challenges and ageing). She still has at least a dozen people with PD who are still working with her after 10 years in Maidenhead and she is very proud of her sporty yoga PD group! 

Once you have emailed Tara you can turn up to any class, once or twice a week.

“The words that spring most to mind from my patients are that Tara’s yoga classes manage to make exercise interesting, relaxing and social even though it is actually a form of treatment for Parkinson’s. Keep up the good work (everybody)!
Dr A. Espley MB.ChB the former Parkinson’s Disease and Associate Specialist in Elderly Care at St Mark’s Community Health Clinic  Maidenhead

Multiple purposes of these PD Yoga session:

1. Greater awareness of posture working through the awareness and presence of feet predominately in standing, walking and sitting. 

2. Brain and body co-ordination – important to learn new series of moves (like in dancing but much slower and maybe easier)- cross patterning

3. Work every joint to keep them moving in all directions, prevent frozen shoulders, stiff spines and hips.

4. Prevent strains and injuries through working muscles in all possible directions & building strength.

5. Prevent falls and promote safe practice of getting on and off the floor. 

6. Stamina – moving for an hour improves cardiovascular health through raising pulse rate and encouraging deeper breathing

7. Breath work: how to use the breath to reduce stress and anxiety and helps feel stronger (pain relief too)

8. Facial expressions and strength of voice:  singing, chanting encourages stronger facial expressions and louder voice. 

9. Brain chemicals; exercise promotes more ‘feel good’ hormones to be excreted in the blood and helps medication move more freely throughout the body and can make meds last longer.

10. Social benefits and higher self-esteem and the belief that they can be stronger than their Parkinson’s! 

Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead Branch 

 Save these Dates for your Diary  

Monday Social Meetings 2nd Monday of the month (unless stated otherwise) no yoga on these Mondays

Venue: SportsAble, Braywick Rd, Maidenhead. SL6 1BN from 14.00-16.00.

We usually have a speaker, some tea and cakes and a little gentle exercise at the end If you would like to bring a family member or friend with you to any of our meetings, they will be very welcome. 

March 9th There will be NO afternoon meeting at 14.00 no  Yoga class Followed by: Branch A.G.M. 16.45-17.30, followed by an evening Presentation at 19.00 by Dr Jeremy Stern, Consultant Neurologist Frimley Park Hospital ‘Advances in Managing Parkinson’s Disease’

April 20th (note change of date because 13th is Easter Monday) Sue Mills, the Product Manager from Parkinson’s UK will present: ‘The Parkinson’s UK Daily Living Aids range’

May 11th Dr Katherine Fletcher, Parkinson’s UK Research Communications team Dr Fletcher will be talking about the Parkinson’s Research Network.

June 8th Naomi Leppitt an East Berks Community Dietitian Naomi will talk about sensible eating and be giving general dietary advice

July 13th Summer Afternoon Tea at the Grovefield Hotel, Burnham