Stretch, Strengthen & Breathe

Thursdays 1.45 to 2.45pm

St Marks Methodist Church, SL6 5BQ


‘Time to move limbs and joints to their fullest range.

Time to flex & extend spines to keep posture at its best.

Time to breathe more easily and fully’.


SiS’s  of fitness include   Stamina- Strength- Skills- Suppleness-  Social &  Self Esteem

This class has elements of all of these which are important for our bodies to stay in the best possible condition.

Tara is an experienced yoga teacher whose pupils are of all ages- 4 weeks to over 100! She knows yoga is not for everyone; so has devised a range of moves that stretch, strengthen and revitalise the body, combining yoga, Pilates & classical stretches. Lubricate and nourish your joints through an extensive repertoire of movements that will leave you feeling more alive and energised.  

Skills: Learn a variety of balancing skills which you can practice at home, including  posture and learning and  repeating sequences of moves are all good for the brain.

Strength: Holding better posture for longer whilst sitting, standing and walking gives you much stronger abdomen and your whole body benefits when you move.

Stamina: being active for an hour and repeating moves & having your hear lower than your heart increases its activity.   Strength: holding shapes and positions give the body some positive stress and makes it stronger, we sometimes include some free weights in classes. 

Suppleness : just moving into unusual not every day moves encourages muscles, joints and all the connective tissue to be more elastic! 

Social: you build new relationships when you join a different group of like minded people. We laugh too! 

Self Esteem: By increasing all the above, it can only help us feel better about about ourselves as we stay strong and healthy! 

CLICK HERE &  you will be redirected to my YOGA SEQUENCE page with lots of photos that can serve as a reminder of some moves we practice in class.

Location in on the corner of At Marks Crescent & Allenby Road. There is parking out the front or on the road, you enter in through front door ( which locks automatically so you may need to use the bell) & we are in the church itself. If you arrive 10 minutes beforehand, it is easier for everyone and bring some sort of mat that is enough padding: yoga mat, and a blanket and a small pillow if you need it. Wear layers as it can be cool sometimes whilst heating kicks in and comfortable clothes  to stretch in. 

£40 for 5 classes, which are valid for 8 weeks and can be longer if you let me know. £15 for a couple and £10 if you want to pay for each class. Cash, cheque or Bank transfer 

BAC  YogaTime 09 01 27   account 48897709

Please book online each week ( or you can do as many weeks as you want and then cancel if you can’t make it). Or just send me an email  to confirm you are coming ( just the first time it is necessary), please let me know of any health issues you may have. Thank you. 

Online booking

These are documents I have made that may give you more information and be a good reminder. Enjoy 

Basic YogaTime moves

Yoga-cise twists

Abdominal Exercises

Yoga-cise twists

yoga-cise squeezies

Yoga-cise Rest