SUP = Stand up  PaddleBoard      SOP = Sit on PaddleBoard                    KOP = Knee on PaddleBoard

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Paddleboarding is a  wonderful  way to challenge your balance and keep fit on one of the most peaceful places locally- the River Thames.

Whether you are interested in building up your fitness by paddling along the river or developing your floating yoga skills ( most comfortable mat ever), then come along and try out a session.

I am a Paddleboard Coach and a keen flatwater kayaker. I coach and train with Longridge Canoe Club near Marlow and teach a dozen yoga classes a week

Paddle Boarding + Yoga = SUP Yoga

I feel paddle boarding and yoga are a beautiful marriage. Until I discovered paddle boarding, I spent my river time  in a kayak and I taught yoga, since then I feel I blended both of my passions.

When you stand on the board  excellent posture is required and a deep connection through the feet, this engages the tummy muscles and then from there you can begin to paddle or begin your yoga. So easy and fluid you cannot believe how any movement reflects  from board to water and to your body; magical and I can’t wait till we can get out for another season of SUP Yoga.

Do you want to create your own group for SUP Yoga , as I one off or a few sessions. Let me know!


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 SUP Yoga on the river is my  favourite styles and place to practice yoga. Obviously seasonal and weather dependant but generally on all of my excursions on the river, I will always include a few yoga moves, too hard not too!

It is very special indeed as the board on the water is unforgiving and any misalignments will be felt. Hence why I am so passionate about it, there is no better way to improve your yoga. The beauty is you don’t need to have done yoga before or paddle boarding to try out your first class!

Best thing to do is book in with a few friends and we can organise a bespoke class for you at a time that works best. 



You can click on this link and find out the next SUP events, in the winter I may not post much but you can text or email to book something for you or your family and friends. SUP Yoga is mainly for the warmer months but I do take people out the river all year round and do some yoga along the way.Book online

Email        Text/ WhatsApp 07505 147957   

Monday Morning Paddle 9.30-11am each week somewhere local.

‘SUP’py Feet Sundays  want to improve your foot work, enrol for this. This class will only take place if we have a group or booked private lesson

SUPolo Sundays 2.30 – 4pm each week, play for the Thames Valley Gators, nothing will improve your balance more than this game! Wetsuit needed for cooler months.

Private sessions: text /email and we can arrange a time for you or your mini group, up to 6 people. Less expensive the more paddlers.

 Friday Night Paddles: most Fridays we go out paddling, not a lesson but you can join us with your SUP or hire one. Really magical.

Online booking click here 

Prices depend on how many in a group. An individual session will be more expensive as much as £75 for an hour but if I am already out and about on the board it maybe £60. £35 for a 90 minute paddle/ lesson  as long as there are 2 of you. Generally paddles are between 2-6 paddlers.

Sunday Socials and Friday Night paddles just the cost of the equipment may apply £35  ( several hours but you need to be competent).

SUP Yoga between £15 and £25 depending on the group and numbers in the class.

Have you a group at work or want to get family or friends together, then contact me to arrange for this event or even a little party! Check out all the options on my SUP website 
WhatsApp or Text 07505 147957  you can ring but when I teach I turn off  my phone and I don’t listen to messages so if I don’t pick up best send me a message. Thanks Tara
I have a variety of WhatsApp groups you can join to be kept up to date with the latest SUP socials, Monday paddles , Night paddles and other SUP events I may put on. Just find me on whats APP

Mobile: 07505 147957 

Book online

These are the same websites and contain all my Paddle boarding information, but do use this link to find out what is going on currently.


I post a lot of photos and keep you up to date with my SUP events.

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Most of the time you can pay online but you can also pay for your paddle or SUP yoga session by bank transfer.

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