Tuesday  11am at the Yoga Hub

Post-natal yoga exercises for mother with child

Post-natal exercises and yoga for Mummy & groovy moves to nursery rhymes for baby. Lots of different moves to stimulate and relax your baby; using your body as playground for the babies, not only develops your own core strength but enhances baby’s spatial awareness, confidence and muscle tone. Playtime without the toys, tummy time without noise and a strong body for you to see you through these growing years! Tara teaches this fun, stretching and nurturing class for mother& child.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class, this class is suitable for mothers with babies from 5 weeks upwards.

Focus on restoring pelvic balance, improving posture, feel stronger ; cardio, toning, & stretch challenges circuit stations for mothers . There will be a variety of exercises of varying degree of difficulty so each mother can work at their own pace according to their post natal recovery, age of baby, fitness and energy level etc. There are circuit stations for everyone and ones that you can do with your baby if they are feeling restless, or need a feed. There are baby stations so you can weave your exercises and yoga to your child’s needs and keep them stimulated ( rested) too.

Yoga Hub, Maidenhead Community Centre, 42 York Road, SL6 1SH

Yoga Babes  Tuesday   11am at the Yoga Hub

You must of  been checked out for exercises with your doctor or physio and then you are good to go. You must be over cautious to begin with and take the beginners option to start with. Also take more of the rests that will be available too and time for your baby. Move slower and no high impact. If something does not feel good, it most likely is not good for you yet!  Ideally that you have attended Yoga Babes before hand, as I want you to get fitter but not to the determent of your bodies natural healing process. If your babe is a crawler we may need to get a few travel cots up!

Yoga Babes 

60 minute classes   1st class £5 if prebooked
£40 for 6 classes ( valid for 2 months)

Family AcroYoga

Precious time together without distractions or toys/gadgets

From 2.5 years upwards

Louise Kelly is also children’s Yoga ‘teacher, teach together sometimes.

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Mummys Essential Exercises

1. Click on file above for reminders of some of the ME exercises. It is valuable if you can practice them before you come to class. You can start right after birth taking extra care if you have had a difficult labour or any surgery. Please check with your health professional first. Listen to your body and do the ones that feel helpful. Everyone can start the breathing exercises and pelvic floor awareness. Increasing your awareness is the first step in restoring pelvic balance.

2. To start with little & often is best, try the ones you know from class, do them slowly with your breath; inhale on the effort and exhale relaxing into the movement or letting it go.
​Pay attention to the position of your feet, and gently press through them to activate your tummy and pelvic floor when sitting and standing especially when picking up the ‘wee ones’. Focus on your breath with awareness on your pelvic floor & inner thighs and tummy.