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These photos are here to remind you of some of the movements we practice in class.

Just pick a few moves each time and bring your awareness to your feet and your breath. Inhale into the move and on the exhale try to relax into the tension and feeling, repeat the breathing a few times till it feel right to move onto the other side.

There is a fine balance of effort and ease in each movement; don’t try too hard and if it does not feel right it probably isn’t. Little practices through the day are a great way to relax and restore the bodies energy.

Weekly classes gives you  time & space to focus for an hour (plus at least 10 minutes relaxation) and deep unwinding and strengthening will come over time. Patience &  practice pays off!  

Enjoy yourself 


Flowing Bridges

Forward folding 

Sitting Sequences

Balancing Birds 

Side bending

10 smart reasons to ‘Yoga’

Steady and regular exercise, coupled with sensible eating and drinking habits, reduces adrenaline & cortisol levels that in turn reduces our  stress  levels & hunger. 

Increasing the range of movement helping lubricate the joints and  elasticity and strength of the connecting tissue ( tendons, ligaments & fascia).

Nerves that need to be stimulated-wake up and those needing calming -slow down. Our nervous system is the ruler of all, chronic stress  means that our whole body’s synchronicity is  comprised.  

Exercise forces blood into the smallest of capillaries, warming us up and saving on heating bills, as well as acting as a good ‘pipe’ cleaner! 

The Lungs expand more fully with every big breath and this stretches the spine . Also superb for settling the nerves and balances hormones as adrenaline reduces and blood glucose balances.

The Heart has to work harder to supply all the extra oxygen needed when muscles move and more so when we are tipping ourselves  upside down!

Vital organs are squeezed like sponges when moving into unusual positions; helping stimulate, calm, cleanse and rejuvenate them.

Even our brain feels more alert and happy with the endorphins and oxytocin released by more active breathing and movement. Yoga can be a great mood shifter and can help with anxiety too.

Standing and balancing on one leg  strengthens it and helps us to manage the wobbly moments better. Super for the brain and proprioception which can lessen with age or under use.  

Every single cell in our body responds positively to us paying attention to our movements and breath and every cell is connected to the vast network of connection tissue and lymph tissue. 

Rules of Yoga It is vitally important that you have the consent of your doctor before engaging in new physical activities as certain conditions could be adversely affected e.g. hip replacements and hernias etc. No moves should hurt you, you may feel restrictions like tight clothing, so please speak directly to your teacher so you don’t do yourself a mischief in class and don’t ‘try’ too hard! 

Breathing is everything and the most important part of the yoga and life, so for a snippet on this infinite subject click here.

Low lunging 

Desk de-stress

Focused warriors